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Rahmad to Coach SFC Again

Posted in Blogroll by artemisays on May 27, 2009



Rahmad Darmawan thinks positive.

Rahmad Darmawan thinks positive.

Rahmad Darmawan yesterday announced he has signed another two year contract with Sriwijaya FC.


 The coach who led Sriwijaya FC to Indonesia’s first ever double win in the Liga Djarum and Copa Indonesia has kept Sriwijaya FC playing at the top level following their massive win.

Rahmad has committed himself to attempting another successful season but says they have not picked the team for next season yet and need another two and a half months to complete arrangements.

“We have already engaged players, but will not release any final decisions to the media until the games have finished,” he said.

Rahmad’s two year contract rose by 20 percent and is now in the amount of 4,2M rupiah (About aud$515, 800.00), in addition he also recieves a house and car for the duration as well as other bonuses.

PT SOM, (Sriwijaya Optimas Mandiri Ltd.), is a prominant sponser of Sriwijaya.

“Whatever had happened before, there is no problem with PT SOM. We must be grateful to God because PT SOM already saved this club,” he said.

In addition Rahmad said he feels loyalty toward the club and that, “Commitment and clarity is the reaon I stayed with Sriwijaya.”

Sriwijaya FC are presently sitting at third in the Super League.

Rahmad on the pitch in Korea.

Rahmad on the pitch in Korea.


Coach Rahmad Darmawan

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