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Sriwijaya FC Favorites Still Unsure of Next Season Plans

Posted in Blogroll by artemisays on May 27, 2009
Kayamba and Zah training with SFC in Korea.

Kayamba and Zah training with SFC in Korea.

Sriwijaya FC has yet to anounce who will stay and who will go as the football season nears its close.

Two of its favorite foreign players, Keith Kayamba Gumbs and Zah Rahan Kranger are waiting to re-negotiate their contracts with managment.

Kayamba has played striker for Sriwijaya for the last two years and wants to negotiate with management this week before the team leaves to play in Malang.

The Sriwijaya Post recently reported that Kayamba’s productivity is down from last season, but in response Kayamba said that his productivity isn’t down, he just isn’t scoring as many goals.

“I think my productivity is better this season. Last season was more of an individual performance, but this season I’m contributing more to the team. Last season I played striker all the time. This season I’m playing in different positions. I was able to contribute more to the team by assisting other players.”

Kayamba said that staying on for the next season depends on alot of things and in his meeting with management he plans to discuss these details.

“I’ll be talking about the terms of the contract. How much the salary is each month, about living quarters and team bonuses, who the coaching staff will be, composition of players, ambitions of Sriwijaya FC. I need to know everything,” he said

Zah, an attacking midfielder, is also waiting on management to call a meeting with him, but he said that they must contact him within a week because he doesn’t want to delay further.

“For me I give them from now till next week. Yesterday I received a call and I told them, we will talk, but after we talk I want to finish the contract. Bring the contract and I’ll sign it. I don’t want to talk and then we have another talk another day.

Zah said he too has plans about what he wants to discuss.

“I will be talking about my money. The first thing I need is to talk about the salary and bonus for the team. Every game we play we need to know the bonus for that game. And two, I really want them to be straight when it comes to paying the salary. If they say on the tenth it must be on the tenth. Also my house.  I’m happy but I think there will be some changes. We need a good environmet. Quiet. No people causing noise playing music and kareoke,” he said.

Zah has been playing with Sriwijaya FC for two years now and has played football in Indonesia for exactly 4 years and 3 months.

“The main readon why I want to play for Sriwijaya is the coach one, two the state-Palembang and three, I guess most of my friends will also stay as long as the coach wants them to stay.”

Zah and Kayamba enjoying downtime in Korea.

Zah and Kayamba enjoying downtime in Korea.

Keith Kayamba Gumbs
Zah Rahan Kranger
Sriwijaya Post
Sriwijaya Football Club

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