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SFC- Late bonuses, Late Salaries and Still Receiving Fines

Posted in Blogroll by artemisays on November 22, 2010

Sriwijaya Football Club has yet to pay players their last season’s bonus for winning the cup final and are once again late with the monthly salary.

The Piala Indonesia cup final was played and won almost four months ago in Solo, but bonuses have not yet been given to players.

Keith Kayamba Gumbs won the Best Player Indonesia award and is also waiting on those winnings and his game bonus from the final match, but he said he is hoping they will have the financial situation sorted by the end of the month,

“I have spoken with management and they have confirmed the bonus money will be in shortly, but this month’s salary is now quite late, so we, the players, are all waiting on that too,” he said.

Sriwijaya FC is often late to pay salaries and bonuses, a common concern for players, but now that the new culture of fines has been innitiated by coach Ivan Kolev, the lack of on time salaries has added another dimension to the issue.

Kolev innitiated fines for players in a host of situations including, being late for training, making a mistake on the field, not following the game plan to task and not playing to his expectations.

Some of the players who do not want to be named, consider this unfair in light of the fact that they may be fined even though they have not been paid their salary.

Players are also worried that the fines are demotivational  because they work on instilling fear and leave little room for player discretion or autonomy on the field, and some also say that the fines are too harsh for the circumstances.